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The first thing that we would recommend you do as
a new IBO (Independent Business Owner) in the
Network Marketing industry is to buy into these

  • 100% of the people who are not in Network
Marketing have no clue what it is and how to
build it
  • 95% of the people who are IN Network
Marketing have no clue what it is and how to
build it

If you can buy into this truth, you'll stop listening to
people who have no clue how to build a successful Network Marketing business.
  • That includes your neighbors, your family and friends, your work associates, even your boss and other very successful people that you know. Just because a person knows how to run an automobile dealership, doesn't mean they have a clue how to build a successful Network Marketing Business.
  • Oh yea, there is one other person that you probably don't want to listen to either… yourself!

It's just common sense if you just step back and look at it; if the newbies getting into this industry knew how to build a successful Network Marketing business… the failure rate wouldn't be so high.

So, in spite of everything that you have heard or have been told… the first thing that a person needs to do to become successful in this industry is to get your communication lines in. You have to know who to get information from and who to give information to. If you fail to do this first step, there is a 95% chance you are getting direction from someone who has no clue.

And the person that you need to get connected with probably isn't your sponsor. Now, in some cases it is, but most often it is not.

There is not a hierarchy in Network Marketing like there is in the corporate world. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going upline, above your sponsor, for direction. Your upline can direct you as to who you need to get connected with.

And I can tell you this, the person that you're going to get connected with, will be following the Pattern, they'll be plugging into the System and they are committed to purchasing the products.

NEVER TAKE DIRECTION from a person who is doing their own thing because you'll never become bigger than the source you are plugged into. Our 8-step pattern has produced more than one million active people in this industry. If you follow our pattern, you can have more than one million people in your business too.

Here is where you can find the person
that you'll want to get connected with:

Login to your iclub BIZ back office and
click on the "My Sponsor" Link and that
will open up a box where you can get
your upline Producer's contact info.

Just give them a call or email and let
them know you are ready to start
building a strong and profitable business
and they will guide you along the way.

If you do not hear back from your upline
Producer within a couple days you can
always contact
and request someone to give you a buzz
and we'll get you connected to someone
who will work with you.

Once your communication lines are in
you are ready to start building a strong
and profitable business.

Here is another TRUTH that we'd like you to buy into:

Building your Network Marketing Business will be infinitely easier if you will help people get things instead of trying to get people to do things.

Just in case you haven't figured this out yet. NO ONE wants to do this. NO ONE WANTS TO:
  • spend 30-minutes per week going through the education modules. NO
  • spend 30-minutes per week doing database acquisition. NO
  • spend 30-minutes per week communicating with people. NO

Here is what people want:

A New Home - A New Car - A New Boat - A New RV - A Resort Pool In Their Backyard - A Plane - Vacation Of The Month Program - Designer Clothes - More Time To Spend With Their Family And Friends - More Money Than They Have Month - No Debt - A Retirement Account That Covers All Of Their Needs - Financial Freedom - NO BOSS!!!

After you have taken the time to define your dream..., let me ask you this question:

If we could help you get your dream would you be willing to:
  • spend 30-minutes per week going through the education modules? YES
  • spend 30-minutes per week doing database acquisition? YES
  • spend 30-minutes per week communicating with people? YES

The reason "Identify Your Dream" is the First Step of our Pattern is... whithout it everyone  would quit because no one wants to do this. With the dream you'll get a lot of people doing this becasue they're willing to do it, to get their dream.

The key is the willingness to do... not the want to do!

And that takes us to the 2nd step of our Pattern... Make Some Commitments.

One of the things that you'll notice about our Pattern is... it is a Cycle of activities where one step
leads to the next step and so on. If you are not automatically going in to the next step it is because
the previous step is not been done to its competition.

For example, if you're not willing to commit to spending 30-minutes per week going through the
education modules... spending 30-minutes per week doing database acquisition... and spending
30-minutes per week communicating with people...  you have not defined your dreams firmly enough. (Go back and define your dream) You have to get the DREAM big enough that you'll be willing to commit to do the education, the database acquisition and the communicating or you'll fail. You have to be willing to to or you'll never do!

After you have made the commitment to invest 90-minutes per week into your business to get your dreams it is now time to set some clear goals.

We recomend you set the Goal to "Strive For 5". Strive For 5 PRODUCERS. Now it's unrealistic to think that you're going to be able to get 5 out of 5. So, we recomend you set a goal to sponsor 30 to 40 personals to find your 5 PRODUCERS.

Since Frustration is birthed out of unrealistic expectations it is very important that you know
your numbers. If your goal is to start 30 to 40 people in your Network Marketing Business,
you need to know how many names you need in your database to make this a reality.

It's always best to set your numbers on the safe side. We'll talk more about click throughs,
opt-ins and conversions in later teachings, but at this time all we want you to be aware of
is… you'll need a large enough database to achieve your goal or you'll lack the confidence
to actually prospect your list. (Remember, this is a cycle of activities where one step leads
to the next step and if you get blocked at a step it is because you have not fully done the
previous step to its completion.)

Because the Automated Downline Builder allows you to generate leads on-demand, you'll be able to generate as many leads as you want to meet your goal, no matter how poor your opt-ins and conversions are. (We'll cover this in detail in later teachings.)

Below is a sneak peek of how our System works. All you do is drop your leads into the system and the system does the sifting, the sorting and the starting for you.

We highly recommend our IBOs utilize all resources
available to create their database. And that would
include their warm market too.

Most million dollar earner's success came from a
burst of intense energy.

90% of their big income came from a concentrated
90 day BIG BANG!

The difference between the 6 figure earners and
7 figure earners is the number of times they did the
intense effort. 6 figure earners did it once and the
7 figure earners did it multiple times.

The video to the right will take you through a game plan that can kick start your business.

Memory Jogger Worksheet

When people look at Network Marketing, one of their biggest questions is “Do I know anybody? They believe if they know a lot of people, they can have lots of success and if they don’t know a lot of people, they don’t have a chance. It sounds logical, but it’s just not true.

In Network Marketing, there are three kinds of people. The Posers, the Amateurs and the Professionals.

The Posers have their list in their head and they will almost always fail. The Amateurs start with a written list but they don'd add to it on a regular basis and they end up with little to no success. The Professionals start with a big list and add to it every day.

If you can just add 2 people to your list per day you'll have over 725 new people on your list in 1 year and 3,640 people in 5 years. The Professionals make the money in this industry.

Stack the deck in your favor and start off by putting everyone you know on your list.

Use the Memory Jogger sheet to the left to assist you in building your list.

Use your Manual Lead Loader located in your iWebaTool Back office to load your personal leads in the iWebaTool System.

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